Sisters & Jewelry Designers


Jade & Ellie are California natives, sisters, best friends and jewelry designers.

The name Heart Majestic comes from the idea of recognizing ones inner light. Souls with a kind, authentic heart hold a raw beauty; we're inspired by that magic. Our original pieces are designed to provoke a unique feeling.

The Beginnings

The sisters were raised on the Gaviota Coast and spent their formative years in Ojai, CA. Growing up in small California towns, they depended on their imagination, creativity, and friendship to occupy their spare time. Being brought up by a filmmaker father and an artist mother, they were encouraged to create. The girls strived to make statements with art, and fashion was their outlet. By the time they were in High School, the sisters had started designing their own clothes and making jewelry. They stood for idea of being unique and expressing yourself through your own method. They refused to conform their "weird style" regardless of what others perceived as cool. Even their prom dresses were original designs with help from mom. By graduation, Jade and Ellie and sold their first line of designs to a local Ojai Boutique. As the girls started their professional lives working for their father Dana Brown on his films, they were inspired by the creative process and decided to embark on a project of their own.

A Single White Feather...

As Jade & Ellie's passion grew for designing and making jewelry, the sisters started hand-making feather earrings for themselves and friends. A demand started to grow, and they started hosting their own Jewelry parties and it turned into a small business.